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Wall Coating

Nanopro Wall Coating is used all over Europe for insulating and protecting homes, commercial and Government buildings

Nanopro benefits:
    Tough and durable with an 80 year life expectancy.
    Guaranteed for 30 years.
    Chemical resistant.
    Prevents cold and damp.
    Insulates your home
    Water resistant
    Save money
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Nanopro is often used on garage floors to add additional warmth to the home. Most garage floors are concrete which is porous and as a result allow cold and damp to penetrate. Nanopro will not only prevent the cold and damp but will also offer protection against oil spillages, etc.. Nanopro is:

    Tough and durable with an 80 year life expectancy.
    Guaranteed for 30 years.,
    Chemical resistant.
    Super thermal efficient
    Will prevent cold and damp.

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Icynene can help you to save 50% on your energy bills in comparison to other forms of insulation available. When Icynene is sprayed, it expands to completely filling all cavities which will prevent infiltration and air leakage into you loft or attic. Choose from our wide range of Icynene spray foam insulation’s for residential applications including:

  • Roofs & Lofts
  • Internal & External Walls
  • Crawls Spaces
  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Bonus Rooms
  • Basements

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Nano-Pro Tech

Nano Pro Tech is applied with the minimum of intrusion,
no heavy machinery or scaffolding is required.


Where am I losing heat in my home? It is obviously important to do everything you can to prevent heat loss if you are to save money and improve your homes EPC (Energy Rating). If we can show our customers how to slow down the rate at which heat leaves their homes then we can help save them money.


Around 60% of office heat is lost through the building fabric. The Carbon Trusts Building fabric (CTV014 / CTV069) guide details how low-cost improvements can dramatically reduce this loss. In particular they look at:
Wall and roof insulation.
Windows and glazing, including the benefits of double glazing, low-emissivity glass and integrated blinds.
Air infiltration and the importance of replacing broken seals and improving draught proofing.


Nanopro is a patented, clear nanotechnology resin, ultra thin ‘super’ insulator. It’s molecules are realigned to create passageways (a labyrinth) which the heat slowly transfers through, this gives it the lowest thermal conductivity insulation value in the world (Lambda value)

This state of the art revolutionary product now available in the UK for the first time uses patented Nano Technology in a unique thin clear coating which can be quickly and cleanly applied over interior or exterior surfaces including brick, stone, plaster, painted walls, wood, metal or plastic.


Case Studies

Below are some case studies of our work and a demonstration
of the effectiveness of our products.

Why Chose Us?

With industry beating guarantees, warranties and life of product you can be assured
your fitment will be..."the best in the business".
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Product Information

Nonapro is an industry leading clear wall insulation paint that is used in both
commercial and residential properties.

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About the Company

Once applied Nanopro Resin provides a significant upgrade to the thermal performance of walls, ceilings and floors. These upgrades reduce heat loss, improving thermal efficiency by up to 60%.

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