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My solar inverter isn’t working or is faulty

Solar inverters are complex devices that, like all electrical appliances, can fail from time to time.

However, when it appears that the inverter is faulty, the problem

is actually caused by another component of your solar panel system.

Is the inverter screen blank or are there no lights?

The first thing to try is to reboot the system.

Please follow these steps to shut down your solar panel system:

Step 1 - Turn off the air conditioner

Turn off all of the AC isolators.

You should have one in your main electrics area, near the generation metre, and possibly another near your inverter.

Step 2: Turn off the DC.

Then, turn the DC isolators to the 'Off' position.

You could have a couple and

Step 3: Turn the DC on.

Reconnect the DC isolators.

It is critical that you do this before turning on the AC isolators, as arcing could occur otherwise.

Step 4: Turn on the air conditioner

Finally, reconnect the AC isolators.

It may take a few minutes for your inverter to restart, and the lights will usually flash while it does so.

As it tests, it is normal to see a variety of messages displayed on the screen.

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us here, by phone at 0800 8611582, or by email at.

There are still other possibilities besides an inverter fault, so a replacement may not be necessary, and we will easily be able to check.

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